Menuet (I) fra Fynske bondedanse

Country: southwest Fyn, Denmark
Type: progressive longways set for 2 couples in a set of as many as will.
Formation: longways set, M to the R (as seen from the front), W to the left. [Couples are numbered 1, 2, etc from the top of the set (closest to the music].
Step: menuet
Music: menuet with appropriate number of bars and structure (AABB,A=8,B=10).

Bars Part Dance progression:
1-8 (a) M1 and W2 advance towards each other with 1 menuet step (1-2), take R-hands and dance 2 menuet steps one full turn (3-6), and retire to place with 1 menuet step (7-8).
1-8   M2 and W1 repeat (a).
9-18 (b) M1 and W1 cross over, and cast off behind couple 2 with 2 menuet steps (9-12). [Couple 2 steps up, 1 menuet step (11-12).]
M1 and W1 take R-hand hold and dance 2 menuet steps 1-1/2 times round CW (13-16), and retire to couple 2's place on own side, one menuet step (17-18).
Note: couple 1 has now progressed.
9-18   Couples 1 and 2 form a closed circle, dance 4 menuet steps [CW] (9-16), and retire to place with one menuet step (17-18).
    Repeat from (a) as desired.
Note: At the next repeat, couple 1 dances with couple 3 while couple 2 stands over, etc. If there are many couple, every second couple may begin

Provenance: taught at Bjerringbro 2014 by Anette Bech-Dalstrup.
Printed source: De Fynske Bondedans Årslev: De Fynske, 1990. p. 18.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2014-09-09, rev. 2020-10-15.

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