Country: Sweden
Type: mixer
Formation: any number of couples in open circle, holding inside hands and facing in LOD.
Steps: run, step-kick
Music: sheet music: <>; CD: J.P. Nyströms Bus med J.P. Nyströms 1997 (GÄLLCD 197).

    Dance progression
|:1-4:| (a) All dance in circle moving CCW. 32 running steps.
Finish facing partner, hands on hips.
5-8 (b) All dance 4 step-kicks, beginning with L foot, clap hands and change places with partner, passing on the L (passing R shoulders), with 4 running steps. Repeat step-kicks, clap and running steps to return to place
5-8   Repeat (b).
    Repeat from (a) as desired. At each repeat, all W move CCW to next M.

See also YouTube video.

Source: Svenska Ungdomsringen för Bygdekultur /Beskrivning av svenska folkdanser. Stockholm: Svenska Ungdomsringen för Bygdekultur, 1981. pp. 44-45
<> [Accessed 2017-05-12]
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2017-05-12, rev. 2017-06-06

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